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Rib Candy with Heat

Want some heat with your Rib Candy? Then you are in the right place. These Rib Candy sauces offer a little habanero kick. Some flavors even feature double the heat with "2x Peppers" in the name.

Don't let the name fool you Rib Candy is for more than just ribs! It's perfect with all types of pork, chicken, turkey and even fish! Don't eat meat, don't worry, it's perfect with BBQ vegetables, veggie burgers and as a dipping sauce for just about anything!

This is the home of The Original Rib Candy! Used by many winning competition BBQ teams across the country!

  • Shipping
    BBQ Sauce is packaged in plastic bottles, including the smaller bottle size.  This helps to avoid breakage. Shipping of BBQ sauce is available to the USA and Canada.  Special orders can also be shipped outside of North America please email